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Osteoarth Capsule : For OsteoArthritis, to Strengthen Joints And Cartilages

Osteoarth is a Proprietary Ayurvedic medicine which acts as a herbal Joint Pain Reliever. It helps to strengthen joints and cartilages, relieves long term joint pains, strengthen bones and lubricate damaged cartilages.


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Osteoarth Capsule: Enhancing Joint Health and Mobility

Experience the relief and restoration of joint function with Osteoarth Capsules, meticulously formulated to combat the effects of osteoarthritis and promote joint strength. Each mono carton contains 3 blister strips, ensuring a convenient supply of 10 capsules per strip.

Key Ingredients:

  • Ext. Boswellia serrata (Salai Guggul): Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Salai Guggul aids in reducing joint inflammation and pain associated with osteoarthritis.
  • Ext. Commiphora mukul (Guggulu): Guggulu supports joint health and helps alleviate stiffness and discomfort.
  • Ext. Sapindus trifoliatus (Arishtak): Arishtak aids in maintaining joint flexibility and mobility, contributing to overall joint health.
  • Ext. Alpinia galangal (Rasna): Rasna supports joint function and helps relieve stiffness and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis.
  • Ext. Tinospora cordifolia (Giloy): Giloy boosts immunity and aids in reducing joint inflammation, supporting osteoarthritis management.
  • Ext. Vitex negundo (Nirgundi): Nirgundi offers analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, providing relief from joint pain and inflammation.
  • Ext. Curcuma longa (Haridra): Haridra possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, supporting joint health and reducing inflammation.
  • Ext. Terminalia chebula (Haritaki): Haritaki supports joint lubrication and aids in reducing joint stiffness, promoting ease of movement.
  • Ext. Terminalia belerica (Bhabhitaki): Bhabhitaki supports joint strength and helps maintain cartilage integrity, essential for osteoarthritis management.
  • Ext. Embelica officinalis (Amalki): Amalki provides antioxidant support, aiding in reducing oxidative stress and supporting joint health.


  • Relief from Joint Discomfort: Osteoarth Capsules offer relief from joint swelling, pain, and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other joint conditions.
  • Enhanced Joint Mobility: Experience improved joint mobility and flexibility, enabling you to perform daily activities with ease.
  • Support for Joint Health: Our capsules provide comprehensive support for joint health, addressing various aspects of joint function and integrity.
  • Management of Joint Conditions: Whether it’s osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, or backache, Osteoarth Capsules offer effective management and relief from joint discomfort.

Empower your journey towards better joint health and mobility with Osteoarth Capsules, crafted with care to promote strength, flexibility, and comfort in your joints. Say goodbye to joint pain and embrace life with greater mobility and vitality.

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